Danbury Songwriters with String Soup & Wayne Seymour


The Danbury Songwriters welcome String Soup and Wayne Seymour to the stage at The Arts Place of Stokes on August 9, 2018.

In the few and brief spaces between love and marriage, farming and child rearing, and the realities of work mixed in with life, Kay Richey and John Hartman play music. String Soup is sometimes just us and sometimes includes others … like soup. We enjoy lots of kinds of music, playing a variety of acoustic instruments, and performing in several styles.

Multi-instrumentalist Wayne Seymour has played in several bluegrass and old-time bands as well as provided music for several singers in a variety of styles. He served as music director and composer for the Touring Theater for 12 years. His own songs range from silly to sentimental, and his performances are always accented with humor and his enjoyment at sharing things with his audience.

Tickets for this show are $5 and can be purchased ONLINE or at 336-593-8159.