Auditions: Broadway Comes to Danbury

Auditions for a new Musical Theater Show “Broadway Comes to Danbury Volume 2” will be held at The Arts Place on Friday, January 31st from 5-8pm and Saturday, February 1st from 2-5pm.

This community theatre opportunity is written and directed by Hannah Riddle, who directed “Dreams, Schemes and Time Machines” in the fall. Show dates are scheduled for May 8th and 9th. After auditions and call backs, rehearsals will be held on Monday evenings at The Arts Place of Stokes located at 502 Main Street, Danbury.

This will be a show featuring dialogue and musical parts. Children ages 10 to 18 years and adults 19 years and up are encouraged to audition.

Synopsis: A young, selfish boy named Nate wakes up to find that he is stranded on a deserted island. He has only one item with him in addition to the clothes on his back…. his father’s guitar. He quickly discovers the guitar is enchanted. When playing the guitar (depending on which song he chooses) a significant person or people from his life is summoned to the island for a period of one hour. Each person or group of people he summons spends the hour with him differently but each help him discover a new clue about the value of selflessness and love that lead to his eventual escape from the island.

Those wishing to audition should bring a musical theater selection to sing (we will have an accompanist available) and they should also be prepared to read a few lines of dialogue from a script which will be provided.

For Questions or to RSVP please email Hannah Riddle at .